How to Choose the Perfect Watch

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Get real about your budget. Local experts agree that there are beautiful watches at a wide variety of price points, so do your research.
Decide whether new or pre-owned makes sense. “If you’re looking for a specific brand and don’t have the budget for something new, look at pre-owned,” says Michael Manjos, CFO at Betteridge. “There are certain watches where a new one is hard to come by, so it makes sense to get a pre-owned
one.” Just go to a reputable source and get a significant warranty, says Manjos.
Consider your lifestyle. “Think about day-to-day activities and personal preference,” says Brian Walker, vice president and creative director at Shreve, Crump & Low. “If someone works in an office at a desk all day, I’ll generally guide them toward a more formal watch. For a person who’s active, I’ll suggest something water resistant.”
Listen what “speaks” to you. Some men have an entire collection and are looking to fill a void. Others are looking for a daily anchor. Manjos recommends learning each brand’s history, as that will often pique an emotional connection in a certain watch.
Don’t be afraid to exchange a gift you don’t love. “It’s absolutely okay to exchange a watch if it’s not your style,” says Marc Green, co-owner of Lux Bond & Green in Greenwich and Westport, CT. “With respected sellers, that’s a given.”
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