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An Inside Look at TOD’S and Gabriela Hearst’s “LOVE” Shoe Benefiting Save the Children

There are few things more worthwhile than supporting charities that invest in children. Now TOD’s and designer Gabriela Hearst have launched a limited edition “Love” shoe with twenty percent of the proceeds going to Save the Children, based in Fairfield, CT. The amazing work of Save of the Children ensures that children in the U.S. and globally are able to be educated and kept safe.

TOD's Love Shoes
The limited edition “Love” shoe from TOD’S collaboration with Gabriela Hearst. Twenty percent of all proceeds from the sale of the shoes will support Save the Children, which is helping children learn, stay healthy and be protected from harm. Photo courtesy of TOD’S.

Hearst says she was immediately drawn to the partnership with TOD’s and Save the Children. “I fell in love with TOD’S slip-ons many years ago when I bought my first pair. Inspired and motivated by Save the Children’s groundbreaking work to create and ensure a better future for us all, I turned to TOD’S to create a special product to help achieve this goal,” Hearst explains. “The collaboration is a project born out of desire and love—it only felt natural to give back. Save the Children is an organization that I—and TOD’S—feel very close to.”

The “Love” shoe is a slip on with a Morse code trim that reads “love” and was initially developed for the Gabriela Hearst Fall 2016 collection. Hearst also coordinated a photo essay project with Peruvian photographer Hans Neumann to spotlight the message of the “Love” shoe. Those featured in the project include Save the Children Artist Ambassador and actress Dakota Fanning and supermodel Lauren Hutton, as well as Save the Children donor Dorrit Morley and staff member Zaineb Malick, all wearing the shoes. “It was such an honor to be chosen to represent Save the Children and the work that we do—and to do my small part to help raise funds for kids around the world—was a pretty proud moment,” explains Malick. “International development has long been my passion and I’m such an advocate for the life-changing programs that we implement. Plus, the shoes are pretty awesome.”

The photo essay piece of the collaboration was a once in a lifetime experience for Malick. “For TOD’S and Gabriela Hearst to use ‘real’ women as part of the collaboration is so very cool. It was amazing to be in the company of such accomplished women,” she says. “The series of photos showcases each woman in her own beautiful way, and there’s the added bonus that it raises money for a great cause.”

Save the Children staff member Zaineb Malick wearing the "Love" shoe
Save the Children staff member Zaineb Malick wearing the “Love” shoe

There has never been a more important time for this collaboration. “With the current situation in Syria entering its fifth year of conflict this past spring, and with millions of children who have fled the country, we continue to advocate for those children to get a quality education. We’ll be pushing for that this September when President Obama holds a Global Summit in New York City on the refugee crisis with leaders from around the world,” says Malick. “We’re advocating that no refugee child should be without schooling for more than 30 days, and encouraging global leaders to join us in this campaign. With the conflict expected to go on, it is critical that quality education is available and accessible to ensure the future of all refugee children.”

The TOD’S and Gabriela Hearst “Love” shoes retail for $645 and will be available through November (or until they sell out) exclusively at TOD’S stores nationwide and at

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