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Piercing, Please

If your child has been asking to get their ears pierced, you’re in luck: Rowan, which provides at-home piercing and offers a fun monthly earring subscription box, opened a new retail location in Westport, CT, last month. “Rowan is the only company partnering exclusively with licensed nurses to offer the safest, most celebratory piercing experience on the market,” says Founder & CEO Louisa Serene Schneider. Plus, they provide before- and after- care consults. “Our nurses are patient advocates and take the time live, in person and via our nurses helpline to make sure every customer is taken care of.”

Westport marks the second studio for the company (the other is in NYC). “In addition to being accessible and quaint, Westport uniquely threads the needle of also having a downtown area that is absolutely gorgeous and has many of the best brands and experiential retail companies in the world,” says Schneider. That along with Schneider’s love for the town, the fact that many of their nurses hail from the area, and the shift out of cities all inspired the new outpost. Along with piercings, offerings include earrings (plus a new line!), styling, and birthday parties. 

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