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Playful Kids’ Clothes

Walk through a kids’ store and it can often feel like you’re seeing the same few prints and patterns over and over. And while we love sharks and dinosaurs as much as the next parent, sometimes you want something a little different. That’s where Sammy + Nat comes in, which has shops in both Rye, NY, and Ridgefield, CT. There, you’ll find everything from pajamas to kids’ clothes—their Play collection launched last year—accessories and even toys. And that includes fun and playful prints, like lions, puppies and, of course, holiday-ready pieces.

“Creating the different prints each season for all of our pajamas ($54) is one of my favorite things,” says co-founder Sam Benson. “We work with great artists and are inspired by things I loved as a kid, places we’ve traveled, different cultures. We love to do prints that haven’t been done before!”

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