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Semi-permanent Beauty Treatments Make Your Morning Routine Hassle-Free


Looking put together without spending tons of time getting ready in the morning isn’t easy, and semi-permanent beauty can be your secret weapon. The newest techniques look incredibly natural and last anywhere from a few weeks to several years. These are some
to consider.

Lash Extensions
Falsies used to look tacky and overdone, but the latest extensions are less Kardashian and more subtle. During the up-to-two-hour process, each natural lash is isolated one at a time, and a polysynthetic fiber extension is attached to the natural lash—not your skin—with an adhesive (some salons may use synthetic or authentic mink). The dramatic-but-realistic result? Lengthened, thickened lashes, and best of all, no need to apply mascara. “Every person sheds their lashes at different rates,” says Gisele Tyler, owner of LashBrow Center. “It can depend on genetics, health, medication and lifestyle.”
Cost: $150-$350
Results last: Approximately three weeks
Where to get it done: LashBrow Center, Wilton, CT; The Lash Resort and Brow Studio, Westport, CT

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
To get precise eyeliner that’s always on point, specialists use a digital micropigmentation pen to create the perfect liner or fill in gaps at your lash line, which gives the appearance of fuller lashes and a more defined eye. The iron oxide-based pigments won’t change color over time and unlike traditional tattooing, they are placed close to the surface of the skin, which penetrates the dermal layer. You’ll have an extensive consultation beforehand, and your lids will receive numbing cream to prevent discomfort. The process takes two sessions, each about two hours.
Cost: $515
Results last: Three to five years
Where to get it done: EverTrue Microblading Salon, New York, NY

Eyelash Tinting
This treatment is one of the most affordable, quick and painless ways to highlight your eyes. How it works: A collagen pad is placed under the lashes to protect the skin and a vegetable-based dye (in dark brown, black or blue black) is painted on the lashes and left for 20 minutes. Afterward, your lashes are a uniform, eye-brightening shade. “It saves you time in the morning because there’s no need to apply mascara, and it makes the eyes pop,” says Amanda Campiolo, manager at The Waxing Spot. “Plus, it’s great for vacations when you may be swimming a lot.”
Cost: $40 ($55 if you tint your eyebrows as well)
Results last: About one month
Where to get it done: The Waxing Spot, Greenwich, CT

Lip Definition
This procedure rejuvenates the color of lips which may have faded with age; it gives the illusion of a fuller, more defined appearance, and it can fix lip asymmetry or discoloration, says Marie Saade, owner of Versailles Medical Spa. Adding lip color or liner involves numbing the lips, and then an organic vegetable dye is implanted, similar to a tattoo, but less deep in the skin. The entire procedure lasts two to three hours. For the most natural look, try an “ombred lip,” which involves a subtle liner and then a hint of color, which is blended and lightened towards the inner edge.
Cost: $500-$1,000
Results last: 12 to 18 months
Where to get it done: Versailles Medical Spa, Darien, CT

If you’ve gotten overly aggressive with your tweezers or your brows have always been a little sparse or asymmetrical, microblading might be your solution. It’s a type of tattooing where pigment is implanted under your skin to create your ideal brow shape. First, a specialist will draw each strand of your brows by hand—taking into account your facial structure, current brow shape, and your brow goals—before settling on your mixed-to-match hue. After a brief numbing period, the skin is scratched with a special tool in strokes that mimic individual hairs, and dye is deposited into the stroke. “The discomfort is minimal to none and the results are very natural-looking and can totally transform your face,” says Santiago Garay, senior stylist at Browhaus NYC.
Cost: $725-$1,600
Results last: About two years
Where to get it done: Browhaus NYC, New York, NY

Scar Camouflage
If you have a beauty imperfection you could live without—whether it’s from a cut, acne scar, breast scar, C-section incision or something else entirely—beauty experts, including many dermatologists, are now able to use what’s known as paramedical micropigmentation to blend and conceal scars. “It works just as if you’d put a more permanent foundation on the skin,” says Saade. Scar camouflage involves inserting flesh tone pigment into the damaged area to mimic and match the appearance of surrounding unblemished skin.
Cost: Varies
Results last: Approximately one to five years
Where to get it done:
Abadir Associates, Rye Brook, NY

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