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Style Trend: Custom Sneakers

We all know a sneaker-obsessed kid or adult, and these hip sneaks do the walking and the talking. Founded by John Visconti, who goes by Johnny Skinz, the brand is a way for him to combine his love of music, art, and cartoons. He had stepped away from art due to time constraints of college but picked it up again six years later after he finished school. Skinz Time creates custom designs for clients from his Westchester County-based studio.

From 1980s pop culture to just plain cool designs, Skinz has a collection of favorites to purchase on his website. “I believe I resonate with clients due to my attention to detail and skill in bringing their vision to life,” says the Yonkers, NY-born-and-raised artist and entrepreneur. Prices start at $400 but you can catch some great sample sales on his website (if the shoe fits!).

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