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Get Summer-Ready Skin with Orgánachs


This spring, consider giving your complexion a boost with the range of organic facials at the Orgánachs Farm to Skin salon in Westport, CT. The Signature and Anti-Aging facials use all-natural VOYA products which are free of parabens and phthalates. In addition to a wide variety of organic beauty products for sale, they also carry great gifts, like the May Lindstrom Facial Treatment Bowl, a vessel made of natural clay, perfect for bringing the spa experience home. Here’s what else to know about this unique salon, from owner Siobhan D. McKinley.

Organachs ProductsHow would you describe Orgánachs?
Orgánachs is a carefully curated selection of over 25 organic and natural high-performing and result-driven skincare, cosmetics, hair care and wellness products. Our brands are selected from formulators in Europe and the U.S. The ingredients are impeccable sourced with the highest degree of efficacy.

What separates it from other businesses like it in the area?
We are the only completely green beauty store outside of NYC within the Metropolitan area. Additionally we offer personalized attention with each customer as we provide a much needed education on the ingredients used in the products and an understanding of why they are effective. Switching from conventional products to organic is a process and an education. But I always say, “Once you go organic, you don’t go back”. We also offer facials with several of the brands giving customers an opportunity to experience the products before making an investment, if they so choose.

Why did you decide to start your business?  
I felt very impassioned to let women know that they don’t need synthetics or chemicals to have healthy, nourished and radiant skin! I had been living as organically as possible in my eating and living habits. However, being a former cosmetic executive I started to research the ingredients that were in my personal care products. I was shocked to find out the amount of chemicals that the U.S. allows in our personal care products as compared to other parts of the world. I wanted to find what the alternatives were so I began my research in Ireland where my family is from. I discovered the Irish luxury brand, VOYA, which was the first to sell the first organic seaweed product on the market. From Ireland I expanded my search to include the U.S. and was pleasantly surprised to find the vast assortment of brands that offer high performing and impeccable sourced ingredients created by formulators that care about sustainability, efficacy, authenticity and results.

Organachs productsWhat are some products you recommend for getting ready for summer?
One of my favorite exfoliators is from May Lindstrom Skin, called The Clean Dirt ($70). It’s a micro-dermabrasion-like dust formulated with cleansing clays, warming spices and restorative salts that lift impurities while the Vitamin C is activated with the addition of water to make a mousse-like texture. I love UMA Absolute Anti Aging mask ($70); this deeply nourishing face mask is the ultimate indulgence for revitalizing skin and targeting signs of aging. Using facial oils is the perfect way to moisturize your skin and De Mamiel creates seasonal facial oils to assist your skin’s transition from one season to the next. The de Mamiel Spring Facial Oil ($114) is a wake-up call for winter dull complexions that have been dehydrated. Finally, wearing sunscreen on a regular basis is key. I love the brand Suntegrity Skincare, a mineral sun care and beauty line. Their multi-award winning Face Sunscreen & Primer ($45) is a nutrient dense, non-greasy formula that can be worn alone or under makeup.

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