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Update Your Wardrobe with The Lauren Look

Filling in the gaps in our wardrobes after a year spent in sweats just got a lot easier, thanks to The Lauren Look, a new subscription rental service from Ralph Lauren that launched earlier this spring. “Consumers today are taking a different approach to experiencing brands and building their wardrobes,” says Patrice Louvet, president and chief executive officer. “The closet of
the future will include a mix of new seasonal fashion, unique customized pieces and wardrobe staples, alongside pre-owned and rented clothing. With our timeless aesthetic, we are incredibly well-positioned to play across each of these categories.”

Currently featuring their Lauren Ralph Lauren line, the service, which starts at $125 per month, offers everything from pants to tops to well-tailored blazers and wrap dresses, with sizing up to 24W. Members add pieces to their “closet”—they offer new items every week—and are sent up to four items in each box. The pieces can be rented and returned or you can opt to buy them straight out. Your wardrobe investment can help the community, too. After an item hits its “rental cap,” they donate it to Delivering Good, a nonprofit that helps those facing poverty and tragedy. 

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