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The San Juan Sandal from Very Lovely Soles

It was in an interview with a start-up shoe company when Vanessa L. Seide, who had previously worked at the Nine West Group for 13 years, realized that, with her expertise, she could be the one starting her own line. “I walked out of the interview not caring if I would get a call back because that’s when I decided if I’m going to succeed or fail it should be on my watch,” says Seide, who launched her web-only Katonah, NY based boutique shoe company, Very Lovely Soles in 2012.

Over a decade later, Very Lovely Soles continues to produce well-made shoes that women love. That’s because with every shoe, Seide combines her professional experience with her own needs as a consumer. “I ensure I put out a high-quality product at a fair price,” she explains. Her flats like the Upperhook and Geneva are quite popular, but she’s found that the San Juan sandal ($40, or $45 for snake and metalic) is among her bestsellers. New colors— mint, blush, rose gold and army green—are available in vegan leather with more vegan leather options coming this spring.

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