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Tips to Keeping Hair Glossy All Winter Long


We spoke with stylist Mai Kobayashi and colorist Dena Gardella of Hopscotch Salon in Greenwich to get their tips on keeping hair glossy all winter long.

Take a blowout break
“Wait longer between blowouts and use a heat protectant or leave-in conditioner,” says Kobayashi. “I love Kerastase Nectar Thermique for protection and the leave-in conditioner Supershine by Oribe. When you wash hair, give yourself a very full blow-dry and avoid blowing it extra straight. This will keep hair looking fresh.”

Pay attention to roots and ends
“Use a scalp serum like Kerastase Initialiste to keep the scalp hydrated and make hair grow longer and thicker,” says Kobayashi. “Apply a light serum to ends—such as Goldlust by Oribe—to add shine and moisture and prevent ends from looking brittle.”

Go lighter, not darker. “So many people want to go darker in fall and winter,” says Garbella. “Going richer is fine, but some face framing highlights will make your hair glossier or more shimmery because hair gets dull when it has no contrast. A subtle highlight will boost your mood as well as your look.”

Get regular trims Snipping strawlike ends will make hair appear healthier—and shinier, says Kobayashi.

Invest in a glaze “To keep hair color vibrant, do a clear glaze, which is an intense shine treatment,” says Garbella.

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