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Hideaway in the Hamptons

Want to feel as if you’ve jetted off to Japan without leaving the tristate area? Check into Shou Sugi Ban House, the dreamy wellness and spa retreat located in the Hamptons village of Watermill, NY. The hotel is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which is about finding beauty in every aspect of imperfection in nature. But there’s nothing imperfect about Shou Sugi Ban House—from its top-notch spa, healing arts, nutrition and fitness to its cutting-edge wellness experiences.

Their wellness programs are designed with an emphasis on the individual and can vary from a one-day experience to a fully immersive seven-day retreat. The options are endless and include shamanic and crystal healing, sound journeys, vibroacoustic therapy as well as more traditional offerings like breathwork, reiki and hypnotherapy for sleep. With fitness, yoga and meditation are a primary focus but they also offer a vast menu of other classes to choose from.

And the food is outstanding. Menus are designed by Michelin starred chef Mads Refslund (a co-founder of Noma in Copenha- gen) and focus on a balanced diet rich in organic greens from the on-site biodynamic gardens as well as locally grown produce and proteins from partner farms.

If you want to head off site and really explore the East End, they’ll set you up with beach and boat excursions or a local food tour. But you may have a hard time tearing yourself away from Shou Sugi Ban and we wouldn’t blame you if you never left the restorative retreat. The spa delivers enough serious Zen to leave you feeling recharged, restored, rested and ready to dive back into your daily life—without the jet lag

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