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Snow Room Spa Treatment at The Lodge at Woodloch

Serendipity Must Have

No matter the season, inside the Snow Room by TechnoAlpin at The Lodge at Woodloch’s spa it is always delightful. The resort and spa is a luxury spa destination that has 58 finely appointed guest- rooms, a 40,000-square-foot spa, exceptional dining and a focus on personal awakening for all its guests. With the launch of a new extension of its spa services, the resort is adding 718 square feet of space that will include a new sauna, lounge and snow room, which will be the first source for this European cryotherapy treatment in the United States. Intended to be experienced in tandem with the sauna, it provides a quick cool down of the body by keeping the room between 14 and 23 degrees and always lightly snowing.

Deep breaths clear respiratory passages, circulation increases and the immune system is strengthened. The treatment is also said to improve cardiovascular health, burn fat, detoxify the body and reduce pain and stress. “We love the natural wellness benefits that come with the Snow Room and that it emulates our seasons and natural habitat,” says Robert Baldassari, general manager. “Anything that brings our guests closer to nature and provides natural healing is something that we can get behind.”

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