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An Updated Classic: Wagoneer

Ask someone to name iconic items that are synonymous with a preppy lifestyle and the Jeep Wagoneer will definitely make the list. For decades, this classic car with woodgrain side panels—nicknamed “Woody”—has been a staple in movies and ad campaigns and has been cited by many an influencer to illustrate the ultimate in lifestyle. Now, 60 years after the Wagoneer’s debut as the first every luxury SUV, the 2022 model brings this quintessential New England automobile into the next century.


Originally designed by Brooks Steven in 1962, the Wagoneer sought to combine the rugged durability of a 4-by-4 vehicle with the versatility of a sedan for prestigious buyers. With a starting price of $5,493, the car became an instant favorite for families everywhere. Then, in 1975, when the Woody treatment was introduced, the car took on the iconic status it retains to this day. You might have spotted it in movies like The Great Outdoors or TV shows like Breaking Bad—along with ad campaigns for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.


In the newest version, the wood treatment moves to the interior of the car, with Satin American Walnut wood featured throughout. Third-row seating is standard in all models of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer and there are countless technological innovations that allow for customization and connectivity, ensuring the car’s family-friendly legacy. For instance, rear seat monitoring cameras let the driver see exactly what’s happening in the backseat—without having to crane your neck to find out. Add in the 4-by-4 strength and capability Jeep is known for, and there’s no doubt that the 2022 version will be just as iconic as in the past.

Created by Serendipity for Wagoneer

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