Grown Up Team Spirit

Playing a team sport often conjures images of kids in matching jerseys outfitted with the name of a local business or weekends spent at the hockey rink. As adults, we tend to focus on the benefits of team sports for kids and teens. But what about when you’re past Little League age? “Competitive sports aren’t … Read more

Dessert Queen Dana Pollack

When Dana Pollack was in culinary school, she fell in love with macarons. But, she says, “I was so uninspired by the same flavors being offered everywhere. I didn’t understand how so many people and stores could be selling macarons, but weren’t expanding their horizons and thinking outside the box by offering them in flavor … Read more

Through an Artist’s Eye

Jami Goldman likes to find the beautiful in what most people would consider inconsequential subjects: The hull of a boat, the sun glimmering on rippling water, the knots of a tree stump. These all take on new meaning through Goldman’s lens—and this ability to turn everyday objects into fine art through photography is something she’s … Read more

7 Design Books to Put on Your Radar

This new crop of design books cover everything from interiors to exteriors—and are sure to motivate, teach and (most of all) inspire. VICTORIA HAGAN: LIVE NOW By Victoria Hagan Spending time at home took on a whole new meaning last year—and that was a big motivator behind why designer Victoria Hagan decided to put together … Read more

Inspiring Kid’s Rooms

kids rooms

From nurseries to sports-themed havens, these rooms showcase a beautiful take on kid-friendly spaces. Plus, a look at a new book full of lots of inspiring ideas A PEACEFUL NURSERY For this baby boy’s nursery, Lara Michelle, owner of Lara Michelle Interiors Inc., was tasked with designing a calming room that still matched the feel … Read more

5 Real Estate Trends on the Rise

exterior view of house

With an influx of city-escapees, a move towards more space, and limited inventory, there is lots happening in local real estate right now. “The real estate market in Westchester and Fairfield counties is extremely busy,” says Deborah E. Doern, senior vice president of sales with Houlihan Lawrence Headquarters. “Inventory levels are at a 20-plus year … Read more

5 Secrets to Great Skin


We asked dermatologists and skin care experts for their go-to tips to helping your skin look its best. Here’s what they recommend—from procedures to products. 1 LASER TREATMENTS“I have two tips. My first tip is that winter is a great time to do rejuvenating procedures to help make your skin look better, but more importantly … Read more

Take Your Holiday Décor to the Next Level

Living area

“Mom is a trailblazer,” says Andrea Sinkin, president of Andrea Sinkin Design in Greenwich, CT, of her mother, Beverly, an interior designer for more than 40 years. “She is very modest and keeps no social media profile, but with her book of business, her name speaks for itself, so it’s not needed.” And Beverly, who … Read more

Cool on Candlewood Lake

Living area

Andrea Sinkin, President of Greenwich, CT-based interior design firm Andrea Sinkin Design, knows the importance of connecting with her clients, especially when taking on a new project. “When someone hires me to design their home, I take it seriously—it’s a huge sign of trust,” says Sinkin, who founded the firm in 2017. “Because I work … Read more

How to Sidestep ‘Mask-ne’


Wearing a mask: great. The effect on your skin: not so great “We are defining this condition as ‘mask-ne,’ a result of warm moisture building inside the mask. Pores begin to open up, allowing bacteria inside, which causes adverse skin conditions and rashes like acne,” explains Colette Brown, director of education at Columbia SkinCare, an … Read more