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The Future of Aging Really Well with NicholsMD of Greenwich

Knowing that you want your skin to look healthy and feel great is one thing—but figuring out which treatments are best for you and who you can actually trust to do them is something else entirely. That’s where NicholsMD comes in. 

The medical and cosmetic dermatology practice, founded by Dr. Kim Nichols, has been a mainstay in Greenwich for the past decade. “Shortly after moving with my family from Manhattan to Greenwich, I opened my practice with a strong, clear vision to bring a NYC-luxury dermatology experience to the Greenwich community,” says Dr. Nichols, who was trained at both Harvard and NYU. “Since 2013, I have been able to not only see my concept come to life, but also to grow within Fairfield County, opening SkinLab in Harbor Point in 2020 and NicholsMD of Fairfield in 2022.” 

As she explains, the NicholsMD team of skincare experts and board-certified providers offers a full range of both medical and cosmetic dermatological services. They specialize in creating customized treatment plans and skincare regimens designed with their individual patients—and their skincare goals—in mind. 

With their signature hashtag, #NaturalAtNichols, Dr. Nichols makes it clear that their focus is providing impactful, natural-looking results. In fact, their philosophy centers on “the future of aging really well”—and that’s good news for patients. 

The Future of Aging Really Well 

So what does “the future of aging really well” mean, exactly? “The world of aesthetics and dermatology is constantly changing; people are coming to terms with the fact that there is no true anti-aging but what it truly comes down to is aging gracefully,” explains Dr. Nichols. “And what I strive to provide my patients with is a natural beauty at every age—confidence to feel their best throughout all stages of life.” 

Two new procedures they now offer really underscore how this works in practice: Hormone therapy and SkinVive. 

Hormone therapy, which at NicholsMD is done using customized hormone therapy options, is for both women and men—and offers a whole range of benefits, from boosting energy levels, mood, and metabolism to helping you get better sleep, improve your sexual health, and offer better mental clarity. 

SkinVive, on the other hand, which was recently approved by the FDA, is a microdroplet treatment—think similar to a filler—that can help your skin looks smoother and more hydrated and give your complexion a healthy glow. 

Looking Ahead 

Along with offering the most cutting-edge, innovative treatments—as well as favorites like The Greenwich Secret, The Weekender, and Ellacor—NicholsMD is constantly evolving as a practice, too. In the spring of 2024, they’ll be expanding their flagship practice and moving to a new location in the historic center of Greenwich. 

Located at 32 Field Point Road, this three-floor practice will have an entire floor dedicated to regenerative medicine, with treatments such as hormone therapy, PRP for hair growth, and more, all of which focus on both women’s and men’s wellness. And to help you feel as relaxed as possible, the floor has an exam room with windows overlooking Greenwich and views of the Long Island Sound. 

Also great? To design the new location, Dr. Nichols is working with a number of local professionals, including CPG Architects and Pomara Builders—all in an effort to maintain the building’s historical integrity and showcase what makes it so special.   

“With our upcoming expansion in Greenwich, I look forward to the future feeling incredibly grateful for everyone that has supported my business along the way,” says Dr. Nichols. 

Interested in a treatment or consultation? Visit or call (203) 862-4000. 

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