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A Pandemic, but make it funny with Ali Wentworth

Very few people could get away with finding the lighter side of our current pandemic, but Ali Wentworth manages to do it. In her new book Ali’s Well That Ends Well the actress, comedian and podcast host gives us a peek into her life as she muses on the lessons she learned about family and friendship throughout the past couple of years.

Example: Early on in the pandemic, Wentworth contracted a severe case of Covid and was isolating in bed for weeks. She writes that, during that time, she thought a lot about raising her daughters in today’s world. “I was worried that my daughters would not have the normal experiences adolescent girls have, like robbing banks and having babies,” she jokes.

It’s through her signature frank, self-deprecating humor, that the born storyteller offers observations on everything from conquering TikTok to massive ice cream consumption to binging reality TV with her husband, Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos, who along with his wife and teenage daughters, became a huge devotee of the reality show Love Island Australia. She’s disarmingly honest and hilarious about every area of her life—and as we continue to battle our way through the end (we hope!) of the pandemic, her book provides the laugh-out-loud escape that we could all use.

A few favorite tidbits from Ali’s Well That End’s Well:

Ali was shocked at the state of her home when she emerged from isolation. “It was on par with a frat house after March Madness. I’m talking about cereal bowls with the milk hardened like glue on the sides and spoons standing upright. It was Animal House—literally and figuratively.

She was hit with a sense of mortality when she had Covid: “Like so many people my age, I am sandwiched in that time between aging parents and children beginning to soar. And it is a painful heart tug in all directions. Being a mother to my daughters, being a mother to my mother.”

Her husband, George Stephanopoulos, can’t seem to close the kitchen cabinets. “During the global plague of our lifetime… he grabs his granola and LEAVES THE DOOR WIDE OPEN!”

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