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Artist Among Us: Abstract Artist Marta Beltramo

Art History: Born in Rosario, Argentina, Marta Beltramo graduated
from the University of Nevada, Reno with a six-year degree in biochemistry—a field she worked in for 10 years. After a series of
moves between the states and Buenos Aires, she settled with her husband and two children in Riverside, CT. In 2008, she decided that biochemistry wasn’t sufficiently creative to satisfy her vast imagination. She enrolled in the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in New York City. Now, painting mostly abstract art, she is inspired by natural forms, particularly images of Earth and the cosmos, and paints freely with brushes, palette knives and her hands to create multiple layers.
The Piece: “River Delta,” acrylic on canvas, $750,
Inspiration: Beltramo was inspired by geological formations, such as mountains, rivers, deltas, craters and landscapes from satellite images of Earth and Mars. “There is an alchemical influence in my work, which has been informed, perhaps, by my degree in biochemistry,” says Beltramo.

From May 7 to 29, Greenwich Arts Council turned Greenwich Avenue into a walking museum via Art to the Avenue, for the 18th year in a row. Local businesses hosted works from more than 120 unbelievably talented artists, six of which were singled out by our judges.
-PHOTOGRAPHS by Bruce Plotkin

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