A Subscription for Your Furry Friends

running dogs

Subscription services aren’t just for the people in your household anymore. Enter N-Gage Brand, LLC’s Seasonal Packs, a quarterly subscription box geared towards four-legged family members. “Each Seasonal Pack brings a new, curated selection of toys and accessories for both dogs and humans,” says Paul Semanski, marketing director at N-Gage, a Darien, CT-based line of pet products. “For example, our first Seasonal Pack includes a variety of tug and toss, flyer, squeaker and mixed-material toys, along with a water bottle and a special carabiner clip. Each pack has toys designed for both land and water play in any environment.”

The company—which launched in November 2019—offers the packs in three sizes: For pups up to 15 pounds, those from 15 to 40 pounds, and large dogs over 40 pounds. (Plus, you can change the size of your box as your dog grows, too, says Semanski.)

Along with the Seasonal Packs, the line includes everything from collars and leashes to travel mats and “squeaker” footballs. “While our core toys exist for a more dialed in and specific experience, the Seasonal Packs are a great choice to sample various aspects of our brand and are designed to be a standard in every dog lover’s home,” says Semanski. Packs are $49 per quarter or $180 for four Seasonal Packs, ngagebrand.com.


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