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Must-Have Organization Products from the Pros

You’ve got the tips and the motivation to get organized—now it’s time to figure out which products will make the biggest difference. So we turned again to the experts at The Settler, which focuses on move management and professional organizing. Here, they share go-to products they love and use—and why they’re helpful.

1. Over-the-door racks

“Over-the-door racks are like magic wands,” says Bridget Urgo, partner and head of organization services at The Settler. “They instantly create storage where there was none, turning doors into valuable real estate for your belongings.” Consider them for everything from the pantry to the bathroom or a bedroom.

To Try:

With both mesh and wire options, these over the door racks feature multiple baskets and sizes—as well as the hardware you need to put them in place. Urgo notes that they’re pricier, but “very sturdy and are mounted directly into the door panel. These look the most polished and you can interchange the baskets and customize based on your needs.”

For a less expensive option, there’s this version from Amazon.

2. Drawer dividers

“Drawer dividers and organizers create designated sections within a drawer, ensuring every inch is utilized efficiently—and a well-organized drawer not only enhances functionality, but also adds a touch of elegance to your space,” explains Jackie Randall, partner and head of moving services at The Settler, who notes that they’re great for places like closets and the kitchen. Plus, there are so many size and style options, you can find the ones that work best for your space. And to get them to stay in place? Use museum gel to secure them, so they don’t shift, says Randall.

To Try:

With 6 dividers, this bamboo option can be adjusted—the dividers go to 22-inches long. They also come with over 30 labels, so you’ll be able to see where everything is. What’s great about this one is that you can use them in various places. 

For even more versatility, try these clear organizers or this bamboo option, which come in different sizes and widths—and both of which are available from The Container Store. 

3. Turntables and risers

“Turntables provide effortless access to all your items with a simple spin. No more reaching to the back of shelves or digging through cabinets—everything is within reach, thanks to the rotating magic!,” says Urgo. Risers, on the other hand, make great use of vertical space and make categorizing items super simple, she says. “From spices in the kitchen to toiletries in the bathroom, each tier can have its purpose, ensuring a systematic and organized setup,” explains Urgo.

To Try:

Able to hold over 60 pounds, this turntable is great for larger items—and is clear, so it doesn’t add to the design clutter in your home. There’s also a smaller turntable option from the same brand.

For a riser, consider this 3-tier option, made from bamboo and able to expand as long as 20-inches.

4. Clear containers

“Clear containers allow you to easily assess your supplies,” says Randall. “Whether it’s pantry staples, beauty products, or craft supplies, a quick glance tells you when it’s time to restock.” Plus, they make the whole space visually cohesive and you can typically stack or nest them and, again, use that vertical space, she notes.

Canisters are particularly great for pantries and keeping food fresh, while also making it easy to see when it’s time to restock, says Randall.

To Try:

At 4.4 quarts, these containers—the set has three canisters and scoops—are a great way to display your items. Plus, they’re safe to run through the dishwasher.

For bins, consider these from The Home Edit—available as all-purpose bins, narrow bins, and larger versions.

5. Baskets

Baskets help hide clutter, make categorizing items (like toys or blankets) easier, and you can opt for decorative versions, especially if you have open shelving or bookcases, says Urgo. “Baskets are incredibly versatile and can be used in any room,” she explains. “From the living room to the bathroom to closets to playrooms, they adapt to various items and spaces, making them a go-to solution for organization.”

To Try:

Available in different sizes, these handwoven textured baskets are made with natural rattan. This Amazon version offers a similar look at a lower price point.

For a more modern farmhouse style, consider this white Hold Everything Metal Powder Coat Basket—love that pop of color from the oranges!

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