5 Great Summer Vegetable Recipes

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Ambassador Chefs from the 2017 Greenwich Wine + Food Festival shared their favorite vegetables in our July/August issue. Here’s what they make with them—and how you can recreate them at home.

corn summer vegetablesDebra Ponzek
Aux Délices
“I love pairing corn in a salad with sweet lobster, puréeing it into a rich velvety soup, or grilling it and enjoying with lots of butter and salt!”
Recipe: Sweet Corn Pudding (Click to download)

Nadia Ramsey
Méli-Mélo Catering
Belgian Endive
“They have such an elegant appeal about them and are delightfully delicious, with hollandaise sauce or butter and parsley.”
Recipe: Belgian Endive Wrapped in Ham with Mornay Sauce (Click to download)

green-peas-summer-veggiesBill Taibe
The Whelk
Sweet Green Peas
“Once the seasons starts we will have fresh beans all over our menus. They are great griddled, fried, simply blanched in salted water, or raw with a light dressing.”
Recipe: Blistered Snap Peas with Ramp Bulb Pickles (Click to download)

avocado-summer-veggiesThe Dessertist
“Not only is it an appetizer, it can be used in main dishes and salads, and on toast.”
Recipe: Guacamole (Click to download)

corn summer vegetablesRui Correia
Douro and Gaia
“Corn is a childhood memory of letting me know summer is here!”
Recipe: Grilled Dorado, Roasted Corn Cataplana and Corn Shellfish Broth (Click to download)

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