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A Better Cheese Board

Serendipity Must Have

If you love a fancy cheese board just as much as we do, then you’ll want to put Fairchild’s Fromage on your radar. Melissa Fairchild Clark, a personal chef and small events caterer, would often put out cheese boards at her events to treat guests while waiting for the party to get fully underway. At one event, the host noted that she’d have hired her simply for the board—and as Clark says, “The lightbulb went off, and I realized that while I can’t cater every party, I can have a helping hand in every party!” Clark, who is, as she explains, farm-to-table trained under a French culinary umbrella, creates boards in sizes ranging from Super Petite (a 17-inch-by- 8-inch board starting at $150) to Grazing Table (a 6-foot table starting at $1,500).

The most popular is The Kitchen Sink. “The beauty of the Kitchen Sink board is that it’s an amalgamation of my classic cheese, farmstand (crudites) and cured (charcuterie) boards, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy,” says Clark. Along with the boards themselves, Clark also offers in-home workshops, too.

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