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A Food Truck with a Twist: The Tuk Tuk

Serendipity Must Have

Want a twist on the traditional food truck for your next event? Enter The Tuk Tuk, a converted and redesigned Piaggio Ape from Italy. “The Tuk Tuk is a multi-use truck rental that provides endless possibilities!,” says owner Jessie Wilson, who launched the company in April with her husband, Edwin Arroyo. It was during the pandemic that the pair got creative, wanting to figure out how to “continue our love for events but in a safe yet interesting/unique way,” says Wilson. And now they’re doing just that.

Featuring three taps, the small, vintage truck (starting at $700), was a milk truck in a former life but now can be used to serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, as a buffet station, or even to display props at events ranging from baby and bridal showers to weddings and parties. As for the name: “In Guatemala, where Edwin is from, and in many other places around the world you will see tuk tuks, which are taxis that go from place to place,” explains Wilson. “So since our mobile truck will be traveling all over we thought we could bring the tuk tuk to the United States and show all the places it travels as well.”

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