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A Versatile Barbecue Blend

Serendipity Must Have

Kerry Fitzmaurice debuted her Pure Grit BBQ brand at the Beer Bourbon and BBQ festival in Brooklyn, NY, just two years ago to rave reviews. While she hopes to open a vegan barbecue restaurant in Mahattan in the future, she’s currently focusing on her line of barbecue fixings to help people make amazing vegan barbecue at home.

Put her BBQ Blend rub on your must-have list for cooking year-round. “I think people love it because it is so well-balanced,” says Fitzmaurice of her blend of spices mixed with smoked salt, lemon peel, cloves, spearmint and demerara sugar. “It goes way beyond a normal rub. The rub is light enough to to beautifully season almost everything you are cooking.” Try it on roasted veggies, in dressings, as marinade or on your chips and popcorn. The blend is sold in three half-pound bags ($36). In addition to their website, Hamptonites can find Pure Grit at Sylvester & Co. Modern General in Sag Harbor, NY.

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