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Brunch with Babs’ Holiday Hacks and Traditions

Costello shares her tried-and-true advice for the festive season ahead.


The menu I always serve for Thanksgiving and Christmas is exactly as written in my cookbook. I get my shopping done early in the week so that the day before the holiday I’m just doing the final rush. Many of my dishes are prepped and organized, so on the holiday it’s just about assembly with everyone helping.


Buy disposable cupcake holders or muffin tins at the dollar store. Make a to-go station for your guests and they can put food in each section to get a little bit of everything. And the best part is the muffin tin can go right in the oven for them to heat the food up when they’re home!


We make Gratitude Soup as a family, and it was a nursery school tradition when I was a teacher as well. Place a few beans on each place. A cup is passed around the table. Each person drops one gratitude bean in the cup saying what they are grateful for. We usually go around two times. These dried beans are then thrown into our turkey soup made from the carcass of the bird the next day.


A great way to take the pressure off for the holiday season is by making up your list, knowing your budget, and shopping all year long. As long as you remember where you’ve hidden the gifts! 

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