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Up your Culinary Game with these 7 Amazon Products 

Sure, you’ve got the basics down, but if you’re looking to upgrade—or add to—your kitchen collection (hello ice cream maker!), Amazon Prime Day, which falls on July 11 and 12 this year, is a great time to do it. Here, we’ve rounded up some early deals, plus a few products we love, discounted or not.   

1. Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker with Self-Dispensing Lever

Your upcoming summer bash just got even better: With this drinks maker, which can hold up to 60 oz and offers an “extra-large ice reservoir,” you can whip up everything from margaritas to strawberry daiquiri. Other ideas: It also works for smoothies. 

2. Permasteel 80-Quart Patio Cooler 

Prefer being able to reach for a drink instead of making it yourself? Then this on-wheels Permasteel cooler, which comes in a whole range of colors (the price depends on which you choose), makes it easy to do just that. Also cool: The top comes off and there are great details, like a bottle opener and “cap catcher.” 

3.   Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

This compact, cast aluminum grill is perfect for smaller spaces or to take with you camping or to other outdoor activities. It’s available in fun colors ranging from blue to red to orange—it currently looks like all are discounted, except for the titanium color—and (maybe best part?) it comes already assembled. 

4. STAUB Cast Iron Dutch Oven 5.5-qt Round Cocotte

There’s lots of love about this France-made Dutch oven—from its size (they call the 5.5-quart a “one-pot wonder”) to the fact that it can withstand high heat to its brightens-up-the-stovetop red color. 

5. HomTone Ice Cream Maker

Homemade ice cream? Sign us up. With this ice cream maker, in which you can also create sorbets, you can make upwards of 6 servings at a time—and fast: They say you’ll be good to start adding sprinklers in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 

6. Kenwood 5Qt Chef Kitchen Machine

This stylish stand mixer—it’s just over 11 inches high—features a 5-quart bowl, plus different tools (a k-beater, whisk and dough hook), so you’ll be making breads and other recipes in no time. 

7. Lomi Composter  

Want to try your hand at composting? Billed as the “world’s first smart waste composter” this countertop addition is fast, compact, and quiet. (They compare the sound to what a fridge makes.) 

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