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An English Muffin that will make you feel ‘Dam Good’

Serendipity Must Have

The variety pack of vegan sourdough English muffins ($25.75) from Dam Good English Muffins is made from all-natural, non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives and dough that is cold-fermented overnight to aid digestion. Toasting one of these locally made muffins will bring out the delicate smell and taste of sourdough. The variety pack includes one bag (4 muffins per bag) of each of their varieties: Original White, Multigrain, Whole Wheat and Cinnamon Swirl.

Equally tasty is knowing that by purchasing Dam Good English Muffins you are supporting a woman-owned and family-operated business that is providing jobs to the local community in Peekskill, NY. “I’m inspired by the relationships that I’ve formed with other women entrepreneurs,” says Denise Weale, co-owner with her husband, Ross. The couple operates the business with their daughter Olivia as operations manager and their son Matt as CFO.

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