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DIY Prosecco


If you prefer making your own cocktail to ordering one in a restaurant, try the new DIY Prosecco Bar that’s part of the revised brunch menu at Frankie & Fanucci’s Wood Oven Pizza in Mamaroneck, NY. The bar includes three fruit purées and juices (like spiced pear nectar and cranberry-pomegranate juice), two liquers and various garnishes. “Brunch is all about having fun with friends on a casual weekend afternoon,” said Brad Nagy, co-owner of Frankie & Fanucci’s. “This social brunch creates a festive setting that revolves around sharing food experiences at the table.” Pair your prosecco with the specialty breakfast pizzas like the shroom and egg pizza, which comes finished with a dash of truffle oil. Available Saturdays and Sundays.

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