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Feast by Firelight: Gourmet Camping Recipes

Foil Packet Salmon

Flat Book CoverIn her new book, Feast By Firelight, cookbook author Emma Frisch shares dozens of meals that can be made while camping. Don’t expect boring eggs or sandwiches—think tiramisu French toast with strawberries or foil packet salmon with lemon, thyme, and blueberry. Frisch includes a meal plan for your next camping trip, complete with recommendations for happy hour. Even if you’re just cooking in the backyard, this book should inspire outdoor meals all summer long. “I believe that when we gather to eat under the open sky, we are satisfying a deep, primal longing within us,” says Frisch. “Foremost, cooking outside requires us to tune into our senses, which makes us feel alive! The use of a limited outdoor kitchen also invites us to embrace simplicity, both in our cooking methods as well as our use of ingredients.” $22

Feast by Firelight: Reprinted with permission from Feast by Firelight, text and illustrations copyright © 2018by Emma Frisch. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. Photographs copyright © 2018 by Christina Holmes

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