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Meet the Chef Changing the Food Game

Chef Rõze Traore

For Chef Rōze Traore, making great food accessible to everyone is important. “High-end, bespoke dining shouldn’t be out of reach to anyone,” says the chef, who just finished a turn learning from Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad Hotel fame. Says Traore: “There are ways to create memorable meals on a budget and that’s what I want to show my followers. We are making fancy affordable every day and keeping weeknight meals classy!”

One way he does that is through his network—including social media. “I’m kind of an old soul with an eclectic following, both on social media and in my personal network,” he says. “It’s amazing the messages I get from people of all ages and walks of life about their interest in my journey. I’m glad my food appeals to a wide audience, and I strive to keep this the case in the content that I create.”

To do that, he’s going one step further. “It is my goal to create more specific meet-ups and initiatives to further broaden this reach and scope now that I am no longer full time at Eleven Madison Park and am more focused specifically on my company,” says Traore.

That company is Chef Rōze LLC, which focuses mainly on producing high-end private events. Founded two years ago, they’re based in New York City—but have a global sensibility. “What makes us different is that we are quite nomadic in nature,” explains Traore. He has a worldwide network of chefs to collaborate on various events. “One of the most rewarding aspects of Chef Rōze, LLC is the notoriety and popularity that it brings to young chefs around the world who would otherwise be overseen in some of the larger restaurants where they spend most of their time,” says Traore. “My mission is to allow all chefs the chance to shine, to be creative and to be directly acknowledged by their clientele/audience.”

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