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Our Fall Favorites: Home Decor, Wine & More

Wally Grow Living Wall

We’ve got the scoop on what’s new, what to do and what’s going on in Westchester and Fairfield Counties, New York City and beyond. Check out our fall favorites in home decor, wine & more.

Living Walls

Plant lovers, take your obsession to the next level with a wall-mounted display made up entirely of greenery, like the one, designed using Wallygro’s Wally Pro Pockets.
Callie England, president of Wallygro, offers these pro-care tips:

  • Clean up about every month—trim leaves and clear roughage.
  • Watering depends on various factors, but generally “the lower the light, the cooler the air, the less one should water.” 
  • Use a natural fertilizer during the growing months. If using a synthetic, dilute the soil to sidestep overfeeding. 
  • Use humidifiers to help offset indoor heating and cooling, and small fans to help mimic natural outdoor airflow. 

SJP’s New Wine Collection

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to movies, shoes, fashion, books and other pursuits, so it’s not surprising to see her take on the wine world. The actor, designer and wine lover is launching her Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker collection this fall, with a sauvignon blanc as the first offering. 

The affordably priced wine—it will retail around $20—is made from grapes from the famous Marlborough, New Zealand region and will be available in the U.S. through exclusive national importer Taub Family Selections.

The founders of Invivo, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, journeyed to New York City earlier this year for a private blending session with Parker to create the perfect taste for her new sauvignon blanc. They brought various samples of the 2019 vintage, which was harvested in different sub-regions of Marlborough, an area famous for their sauvignon blanc. Over an intense three-hour session, SJP and the Invivo team sampled, sniffed and chose the perfect proportions from each vineyard to
create the blend that met their  high

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Rob and Tim from Invivo,” says Parker. “Every part of the process, from our initial conversations discussing wine styles, to the creative process on the brand and label design, and of course, the sauvignon blanc blending session; it’s all been one exciting step after another. And a thrilling education in the business of winemaking, but more importantly, the love and passion behind Invivo.”

Cameron describes it as: “Lifted notes of grapefruit, honeysuckle flower, passionfruit and citrus zest. The palate is expansive and leads with a wall of sweet-scented fruits and a soft, but balanced acid spine.”

Parker was involved in all elements, down to the design. The X and the comma after it—“X, SJ.”— is the same one she uses to end her emails and Instagram posts. She also hand-painted the “X” on the original label and found the teal paint to match the exact shade of one of her favorite satin shoes, “Hamilton,” from her SJP Collection label.

“While I’m new to winemaking, the Invivo fellows generously taught, showed and shared much of the art and science of their business and hopefully I have absorbed some of their Kiwi confidence,” says Parker. “I’m so looking forward to releasing my Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc in September and sharing our wine with the world!”

Business Class Flights to Paris

If you have a trip to France in the works, consider flying La Compagnie, an exclusively business-class airline, which recently became the first French airline to operate the new-generation Airbus A321neo. The transatlantic flights go between Newark Liberty International Airport and Paris Orly Airport as well as seasonal flights between Newark and Nice. The airline has proven an independent, affordable alternative to major airlines with its excellent in-flight experience and cheap rates. (They start at just $1,000 round-trip.)

Along with new technologies and lux amenities— wifi service, full flatbed—the Airbus A321neo allows the airline to charge even less, with better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. Plus, if your trip is a family one, La Compagnie is super kid-friendly, with priority security and streamlined boarding and deplaning. Family programming, which includes the use of a baby bassinet, children’s meal options, and handmade sky blue crowns made by a sustainable children’s brand, ensure an enjoyable experience for your whole crew. For reservations, visit or call 800-218-6820.

New Home Collection at Bergdorf Goodman

Artist Hunt Slonem, known for paintings of nature themes such as rabbits, birds and butterflies, is launching a home goods and accessories collection with Bergdorf Goodman in October. The line will include a variety of accessories and tableware, with the pieces—which include bowls and bedding (pictured)—available online at

“I have long admired other artists who have brought their work to life through new mediums,” says Slonem. “I’m thrilled to apply my 50 years of painting into new forms while I’m able to enjoy it in this lifetime.” His work can be found in the permanent collections of 250 museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A Cat’s Adventure

Pet lovers and design enthusiasts will enjoy the new book Mr. Waffles Loves Design (Canoe Tree Press, $25). This fun, light-hearted book contains 60 photographs of a shelter cat exploring museum-quality designs such as Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair, Karim Rashid’s Garbo Trash Can, Michael Grave’s Whistling Bird Teakettle and Philippe Starck’s Excalibur Toilet Brush. The author, Lisa S. Roberts, a designer herself, was inspired by her cat—the original Mr. Waffles—and his curiosity and playfulness.

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