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Summer Cocktail Recipes

From rosé sangria to creative margaritas, these are the most refreshing cocktail trends of summer.

Beyond White Or Red sangria
“One drink trend that we consistently see being popular as we are approaching the warmer months would be rosé cocktails and sangrias. Everybody loves sitting on the patio throwing back a few with friends; it’s refreshing not only to your taste buds but to your friendships as well,” says Dave Studwell, owner of Washington Prime in South Norwalk, CT.

Rose Sangria
One handful of sliced strawberries, blackberries and blueberries
A few ounces of elderflower liqueur
3 ounces dry rosé
.5 ounces peach vodka
.5 ounces silver rum
.5 ounces white peach nectar
.25 ounces triple sec

Soak berries in elderflower liqueur overnight. Pour sangria over fresh ice and spoon drunken berries over the top with a little of the liquid.

Citrus Beers
“Hop Runner’s refreshing bitterness and subtle citrus notes make it the perfect beer this summer. It pairs perfectly with a juicy burger or pineapple and chicken kebabs! Besides being easy to drink, its availability in cans allows you to pack the cooler to the brim for a trip to the beach,” says Nick Califano, co-founder of Yonkers Brewing Co.
Where to buy: DeCicco & Sons, Harrison, NY.

Canned Wine
“While canned wine has been in the periphery for a number of years, it really didn’t start picking up until last summer,” says Terry Lozoff, vice president of marketing for 90+ Cellars, which produces Lila canned wines. “Another trend we’ll see this this summer is the ongoing popularity of sparkling wine.”
Where to buy: Fairway Wines & Spirits, Stamford, CT

Classic Cocktails
“We have always been led by classic and timeless design and menu curation. Classics never go out of style,” says Ben O’Connell, general manager of Red Hat on the River in Irvington, NY.

Peach & Bourbon Summer Tea
2 ounces house premium bourbon
1 ounce peach schnapps
1 ounce iced tea
1 ounce peach purée
Splash of orange juice
Splash of lemon juice

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Gently roll the cocktail in the shaker to create a froth. Pour (including ice) into a red wine glass or rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a mint leaf.

Mezcal Drinks
“Mezcal is one of the most versatile ingredients to use in cocktails, because it can be mixed in small amounts and adds great complexity to a basic drink,” says Gretchen Thomas, wine and spirits director for Barteca Restaurant Group, the parent company to Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant in Fairfield, Stamford and Norwalk. “I’m loving the Henry’s Alibi cocktail we just launched at Barcelona. It’s a negroni style drink, with a balance of bitter, sweet and smoky,” says Thomas.

Henry’s Alibi
1 ounce Cappelletti aperitivo
1 ounce Fidencio mezcal
1 ounce Dow’s LBV port
3 dashes Angostura bitters
1 large orange peel for garnish

In an empty cocktail mixing glass, add all ingredients (in the order above) but the garnish. Fill to the top with ice. Stir until ice is about half melted. Strain into rocks glass. Squeeze orange peel gently over cocktail to release oils into drink. Drop in the peel.

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