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The Reinvented Milkshake You’re Going to Love!

Milkshake Black Tap NYC food dessert

Like the cake pop and the cronut before it—the milkshake is having its moment in foodie heaven. Case in point? Black Tap, the top-notch burger joint in New York City, has turned milkshakes into decadent works of art—each over the top treat is a sculpture that’s wowing taste buds while taking over the Internet.

Black Tap, with locations in Soho and the Meatpacking District, already has a following for their delicious burgers. But when executive chef Joe Isidori put milkshakes piled high with cookies, candy and cake on the menu in November, the restaurant’s popularity soared beyond the borough of Manhattan. There’s now over a two-hour wait to get in the door just to try one of these confections. Although the concept of insane milkshakes (better known as “freakshakes”) started in Australia over the summer, Isidori’s idea was sparked much closer to home.

“My wife was the inspiration!” he says. “One day she wanted a cotton candy milkshake, so I made her one with all the bells and whistles.”

The cotton candy shake remains the most popular, Isidori says, though Black Tap has since added other sugar-heavy shakes topped with everything from lollipops to pretzels to birthday cake (they coat the rim of the glass with frosting to help the toppings adhere). The restaurant will soon introduce holiday-themed shakes like the Red Velvet for Valentine’s Day, topped with chocolate Kisses and red M&Ms.

“We believe the milkshakes have gotten so popular because of word of mouth,” Isidori says. “Social media doesn’t hurt either.  They’re aesthetically pleasing, of course, but people wouldn’t recommend them to their friends if they didn’t actually taste good!”
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