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Two Spots for a Weekday Brunch


Two new spots—Roost in Darien, CT and Wellmade Market in Cos Cob—are serving weekend-style brunch dishes in relaxed settings throughout the week. “Crave-worthy breakfasts and lunches are no longer just a weekend thing. Whether it is a Monday breakfast meeting or a late lunch with friends mid-week, our customers want great tasting and satisfying food all week long,” says Mike Pietrafeso, chef and owner of Roost (and Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee in Riverside, CT). Both Wellmade Market and Roost specialize in interesting egg sandwiches (try “The Cardinal” at Wellmade, which incorporates spicy beef chili) and variations on avocado toast (Roost tops their version, shown here, with shaved radishes, cilantro and pickled onion).

Photo by Nataliya Lalor

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