Wine & Food Pairings to Try

Looking for inspiration on meal and wine pairings? Joe Cracco, the general manager, beverage director and sommelier of L’Ostal, a new restaurant in Darien, CT, shares his take with picks from the restaurant’s Provençal menu:

Domaine de Beaurenard Côtes du Rhone Rouge 2019 ($56) A biodynamic estate in France’s southern Rhône Valley. The wine is medium-bodied with dark ripe plums, black pepper, and a touch of earth.

PAIR WITH: Moroccan Spiced Spring Lamb Shank. This pairs nicely with the mild gameiness of lamb, the dark fruit of the wine complementing the prunes that garnish the confit shank, and the ripeness of fruit cooling the mild heat of the spice blend the lamb is marinated with.

Ermes Pavese Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle 2019 ($70) This unique and small production wine comes from the northernmost region of Italy: Valle d’Aosta. The old-vine vineyard [has] some of Europe’s highest vines, at around 1,200 meters in altitude. The wine is elegant and fresh, with soft gentle herbal notes.

PAIR WITH: Oeufs Mayonnaise. The bright juicy acid of the wine cuts the richness of the egg and mayonnaise, and its lovely soft herbal tone compliments the tarragon beautifully.


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