Get Awesome Abs in Just 20 Minutes a Day!

Bathing suit season is upon us — whether you’re wearing a bikini or trunks you can strengthen your core and create muscle definition by supplementing your regular workout with these exercises from Bobby Belivacqua, a personal trainer certified by the American Fitness Institute.

Bobby’s Core Burn
Run these exercises straight through, then repeat three times.

1. Warm Up (Push-up knee twist, 10 reps)
Start at the top of the push-up position, arms straight, toes and palms on the floor. Twist hips and touch right knee to left elbow. Alternate sides.  

2. Double Crunches (Beginners work up to 15)
Lay on the floor with your back flat, your lower back pressed down and your legs straight. Cradle your head with your hands as you would for a regular crunch, lift your head and bring your knees in toward your elbows. Squeeze for one count. Return to a flat position with your legs straight, but not touching the floor. As you get stronger, increase reps.

3. Alternating Plank Push-Ups (10 reps – 5 left, 5 right)
Begin in an elbow plank position (imagine a push-up position but on bent elbows with your forearms and palms on the ground). Rest your weight on your elbows. Suck your belly button into spine. With your right hand push your right side up to a high plank immediately followed by your left so you end in a full plank position, arms straight. Return to elbows one side at a time.

4. Side Plank (Hold 30 seconds each side)
Start on your right side, push up so weight is resting on your bent elbow and forearm. Shoulders and feet are stacked, legs straight. Tighten abs and hold for 30 seconds.

5. Leg Pulsers (15-25 reps)
Lay on your back, arms and palms flat on the floor and tight by your side. Raise your legs so they form a 90-degree angle with the rest of your body, keeping legs straight. Push your hips up off the ground until only your middle/upper back is touching the floor. Exhale as you bring your hips back to the floor (legs remain in the air).

6. Alternating Ankle Tappers (30 reps, best done quickly)
Lay flat on your back, with legs straight and at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Separate them so they form a “V.” Reach your left hand toward your right ankle bringing your shoulder up off the ground. Alternate with right hand touching left ankle.


Bobby Belivacqua is a personal trainer at the Greenwich Water Club. He has a degree in public health with a minor in nutrition. Belivacqua is active in boxing, weight training and krav maga (a form of self-defense used by international armed forces). He does at-home training as well. 203-919-3757



Photo Credit: Top: Courtesy © Courtney Keating /i-stock


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