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Love Heated Workouts? 5 Products One Studio Owner Keeps in Her Gym Bag

If you happily sweat through hot yoga (guilty!), it turns out there are plenty of other heated-infused workouts to try—from Hot Hiit to Hot Barre, both of which are offered at Hot Phiit, a new fitness studio with locations in New York and Connecticut.

“We offer several different classes, like our original HOT HIIT, Hot HIIT Core Flow, Hot HIIT Barre, and Hot HIIT, Strength and Tone,” says Monique Crous, owner of the Darien and Greenwich studios. “We have loved all the positivity and seeing the glowing reactions to—and results of—our workouts.”

There’s an added twist: The use of Far Infrared Heat.

Monique Crous

“When you add infrared heat to our high-intensity workouts, the results are transformative,” explains Crous. “There are so many wellness, health and therapeutic benefits. The added heat pushes your body to work harder, leading to an increased heart rate, better aerobic performance and enhanced calorie burn. Who wouldn’t want to burn more calories in the same amount of time?” Plus, the immediate warming up of your body makes you more flexible and aids in faster recovery—and acts as skin detoxifier and mood booster, she says.

Crous herself has been in the fitness industry for years, first as a Bikram Yoga instructor and later as a yoga studio owner in downtown Manhattan. “Fitness truly changed my life and I wanted everyone to feel the same joy I did!,” says Crous, who is also an NASM-certified personal trainer, specializing in corrective exercise.

She became, as she says, hooked on hot workouts—and wanted those same hot yoga results in a different format. “At my studio in NYC, I started working out in between teaching classes, and I designed and created the group fitness class that today is known as HOT HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in 2015.”  

With locations in Darien and Greenwich, Crous, along with Jessie Lambiasse, the owner of the Bronxville location, are set to open the newest outpost in Cos Cob this month. “It’s perfect timing because our studio is a toasty refuge during the cold winter months.  And so many people kickstart their fitness goals in January, and this is a very effective workout,” she says.

With that in mind, we wanted to know: What does Crous have in her gym? (Spoiler: They’re great for sweaty workouts!)

L’Occitane’s Reset Nuit Serum

“I swear by L’Occitane’s Reset Nuit serum, which locks in moisture on my face after detoxifying in a workout,” says Crous. “I then add a moisturizer over it, and my skin is instantly hydrated. It’s so good for your skin.” BUY HERE

Superieur Electrolytes

“I always have Superieur Electrolytes with me. Since you sweat a lot during a HOT PHIIT class, you need to hydrate with water and electrolytes. If you can’t quench your thirst with just plain water, it usually means you’re already lacking in electrolytes. It’s most effective to hydrate with electrolytes before class—even an hour or hour-and-a-half beforehand so you’re not dehydrated before you even start sweating,” she explains. BUY HERE

Teleties Hair Ties

Raves Crous: “I have tried many hair bands to keep my hair from sticking on my face while teaching. My favorite by far is Teleties. It stays in place, no matter how hard I’m working!” BUY HERE

Tavi Toe Socks

“I also love Tavi toe socks to protect the back of my feet and prevent me from slipping. They are very stabilizing. We sell them in the studio and everyone loves them,” she says. BUY HERE

Hot Phiit Signature Towels

“Our signature towels are the best: they stay secure on the yoga mat, without having to have rubber grips on the back. They are super absorbent and last forever,” says Crous.

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