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Boutique Care for Beautiful Skin

nichols md dermatology health

Kim Nichols, MD
Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery
469 West Putnam Ave., Suite 201, Greenwich, CT, 203-862-4000,

Please describe your practice: As a boutique practice we’re known for taking total care of our patients. When patients come to us, they come for one thing and we’ll address everything else at the same time. We really take time with our patients and they
appreciate that.

What is the most popular service you offer? By far, right now, it’s CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat-reduction device that’s really taking over. Doctors at Massachusetts
General Hospital developed it and it uses cold technology to basically freeze fat cells and destroy them. You sit there, watching a movie or reading a book and the device is placed over the area that you want to treat for about an hour. Then, over the next three months, your body gets rid of those killed fat cells and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. It’s exciting because normally these people would have had to get liposuction and have surgery. People are going crazy for this because the results are great, the down time is minimal if any, and it doesn’t hurt. I bought my first machine a few months ago and got a second one three weeks later.

Are there any new techniques you are excited about? Yes! One thing I’ve been doing is using microcannulas with my fillers, instead of needles. In Europe that’s all they use. The results are so much better because the blunt tip of the cannula causes far less bruising, marks or swelling. My patients are really happy with that.

What new technologies are you looking forward to? The next thing I’m excited about is an injectable, ATX-101, named Kybella. It should be coming out by the end of the year and it’s specifically for melting fat under the chin. That’s huge. The results from the studies so far have been really good, so I’m very excited about that.

What other amenities are available at your practice? Some people aren’t aware that we have a wonderful medical esthetician on staff named Andria. She worked for years in spas and she’s amazing. So, we offer relaxing anti-aging facials, microdermabrasion, and other spa-likeprocedures. Patients can come to me for their Botox and also get their regular skin maintenance handled with care in the safety of a doctor’s office.

To what do you credit your practice’s success? It’s really been a joint effort between myself and my team. I’m working with people who really have the same mission and view about taking care of patients as I do.

What sets you apart from others in your field? Women see me as someone who can understand them. I’m approaching a big birthday this year. I get it. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. I think they see a kindred spirit in me.

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