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Changing the Approach to Sexual Healthcare

Maze Men’s Health specializes in male sexual dysfunction and male infertility. A team of medical experts led by Dr. Michael A. Werner is changing the way we think about and approach sexual healthcare. They provide cutting-edge and customized care for each patient in this very complex field of medicine. 

As the founder of Maze Men’s Health, can you tell us more about your background?
I’m a board-certified urologist and did a fellowship in male infertility and surgery, and male sexual dysfunction. I chose to specialize in these areas because I’m very passionate about helping couples have a child and restoring men to good sexual health. I continue to feel that these areas make a big difference in people’s lives and relationships.

Male infertility
Male sexual dysfunction
No-scalpel vasectomy
Erectile dysfunction
Low testosterone
Low libido
Premature ejaculation
Peyronie’s disease

What makes Maze Men’s Health unique?
We treat the whole person. This means that in addition to treating your medical issues, we also treat the psychological aspects of your condition. When a patient visits Maze, he meets with a team consisting of an expert clinician, a sex educator and a nutritionist. Together, we consider all facets of your general health and medical history and then develop the best treatment plan for you. This approach, which is clearly optimal, seems to be unique. As a result, we often succeed even in cases where patients have been unsuccessful elsewhere.

Are there new treatment options available for men’s sexual health? 
I’m excited about a new, innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction called ShockWave Therapy because the published research and our results are extremely promising. The procedure, which is non-surgical, painless and potentially curative, works best on men with decreased blood flow and has shown significant improvement in 70 percent of patients. For men who don’t want to take medications such as Viagra or use injections, this can be a very good alternative. 

Does Maze only treat men?
Maze Men’s Health is part of Maze Health and also includes Maze Women’s Sexual Health, which treats pelvic pain, low libido and menopausal symptoms; Maze Labs, offering comprehensive fertility testing and sperm banking; and Maze Cord Blood an umbilical cord and tissue banking service.

Image of Dr. Werner

Presented by Maze Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
2975 Westchester Ave., Purchase, NY
633 Third Ave. (at 41st Street), New York, NY

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