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A Personal Approach to Health

Doctors at Children's Medical Group of Greenwich

The team at Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich, including Dr. Steven Schiz, Dr. Loretta Cody, Dr. Katherine Mini, and Dr. Sona Mehra, have nearly 100 years of combined experience in pediatrics. 

What sets your practice apart among pediatric groups? 

Dr. Schiz: As a group, we work together and are available to help each other. We take advantage of each other’s strengths by sharing our knowledge and expertise. We all have the same philosophy: empathetic quality care using up-to-date medical technology. We are accessible during and after office hours. After hours calls are handled only by our doctor on call. We have a patient portal for parents to email questions, calls during office hours are answered within one hour and emergencies are dealt with immediately.

How do your years of experience influence your work with patients? 

Dr. Mini: One of my greatest joys as a pediatrican has been caring for the same children from birth through college. We know our patients well and they know us well. Care from the front desk to the nurses and doctors is very personalized. 

Dr. Cody: In fact, we are on the next generation of patients. In many cases, the parents came to us as patients when they were children. It’s wonderful to know that they trust us enough to come back with their kids. 

What advice do you offer to parents who are searching for a pediatrician for their child? 

Dr. Mehra: Find someone who is available, confident and friendly.  What are their hours? Do they take calls off hours? We encourage expecting parents to come for a prenatal visit. Get a vibe for the office, the staff, the physicians. Are the physicians board certified? All of us are board certified and on staff at Greenwich Hospital. 

What are some common concerns of parents today? 

Dr. Schiz: For new parents, it’s questions about growth and development. For school-age children, questions pertain to friendships, bullying, school. For adolescents, parents ask about lifestyle choice, drugs and alcohol, mental health and sexual identity. We are well-trained in dealing with a lot of those psychosocial issues. We also have resources in the community to refer them to if it goes beyond what we can manage here.

Patient Room in Doctors Office

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