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Covid-19: Resource Guide

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As this global crisis continues to change the entire world, we find ourselves in a new normal: at home, working while trying to be teachers, and doing all we can to stay safe. Turn on the television at any hour and you’ll find multiple stations reporting on the latest information, press conferences and political commentary. But what if you just want to know how your community hospital can help you if you need it and what you can do in return? Here, you’ll find a list of area hospitals with links to what you’ll want to know about when to get tested, visiting hours, virtual appointments and what you and your family can do to support the vital healthcare workers on the front lines fighting to keep us healthy.

Hartford Healthcare

Offering locations of drive thru test centers in Hartford and surrounding areas. A resource called Connections That Matter allows users to find other necessities like food, clothing and job training near you. Plus, the “HartfordHealthcare” podcast series brings the experts to you as they discuss the best way to improve your health. Click here for more.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Latest updates about the virus with specific information about what those with cancer, and their families, need to know about how to protect themselves from developing the virus. As their immune systems are already weakened by the disease and treatment. Site also answers a number of popular questions and outlines the option for cancer patients to schedule “televisits” with their doctors when possible to limit risk of infection. Click here for more.

Northwell Health

(Phelps Hospital, Northern Westchester Hospital and locations in NYC & Long Island) This link includes a digital symptom assessment, robust FAQ page and a request for those who have recovered from the virus to sign up to participate in research studies and becoming a plasma donor. Click here for more.

Nuvance Health

(Norwalk & Danbury Hospital) With thorough information about the virus and symptoms to look for, this site also has a sign up area for those that wish to volunteer at any of the Nuvance hospitals, ways to make a donation and how to set up a virtual visit with a healthcare professional to get safe and easy access to care during this crisis. Click here for more.

Stamford Hospital

This page has important visitor information, updates that have affected the day-to-day at the hospital and a hotline number that is available 24/7 to answer any questions the public might have. Links to helpful blogs about everything from social distancing to staying grounded. Site also includes contacts you’ll need to reach out to if you’d like to support by donating specific PPE items and food for hospital staff. A downloadable one-pager allows users to print out key facts about the virus and how we can all help. Click here for more.

Westchester Medical Center

Detailed information about how to schedule an appointment for drive thru testing and what documents you’ll need to bring. Additionally, they are taking donations that will go towards providing meals for the staff, making a gift to the hospital and sending PPE. Click here for more.

White Plains Hospital

Get key virus information and send your support to the healthcare workers either through a donation or by sending an piece of artwork/note thanking them for all they are doing. Their donation page will tell you exactly what your gift can supply, for example a donation of $160 can cover an IV Pole while a donation of $12,000 can cover their costs for PPE for one day. Click here for more.

Yale New Haven Health

(Bridgeport Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, Northeast Medical Group, Yale New Haven Hospital) Along with key information about testing and best practices, this site also includes a page dispelling some of the myths that are out there about the virus and helpful tips for parents to help their kids process this crisis and deal with any anxieties. There is also a page that shares the daily staff update for all of Yale New Haven Health hospitals and includes charts on how many cases are at each hospital and other trends. Click here for more.

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