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Healthy Sips with Three Hermits

Helping others live their healthiest lives is in Three Hermits founder Divya Singh’s blood: “Our inspiration was our background and belief in Ayurvedic medicine,” she says. “My great grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor and started his own pharmacy in northern India, now running for almost 100 years. Ayurveda and healthy eating are a lifestyle for us, and this is how we know life.” Three Hermits was founded in 2019 with the goal of “convenient, healthy eating.”

Their 2.5-ounce wellness shots include Cinnamon + Fenugreek and Turmeric + Nirgundi (the most popular) and Moringa + Ashwagandha, with new products, like on-the-go snacks, in the works, says Singh. “The last year has been stressful in every aspect of life, and people are now valuing good health over everything else,” she explains.

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