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The 7 Best High Tech Workout Gear

Meet your fitness goals, faster, by investing in cutting edge workout wear. This wearable high-tech gear is as stylish as it is smart.


Record Your Run
These shoes can work with your smartphone, watch or heart rate monitor—but can also record everything from your steps to your stride on their own.
Under Armour Gemini 2, $150,


High-Tech Tank
After it measures your heart rate and recovery, cadence and steps, this shirt can go straight into the washing machine.
Hexoskin Biometric tank, $169 (shirt only),

wrapsWrap It Up
These headphones serve double-duty as a bracelet (available in bright textiles, leather and wood) and tangle-free earbuds.
Wraps Headphones, from $20,


Personal Training
This washable compression suit gives you 3-D feedback on your every movement—making it worthwhile for a competitive athlete looking to perfect their form.
Heddoko, Compression Suit,


Fashion Forward
Hook up an iPhone or Apple Watch to this stylish T to have your heart rate and workout data directly downloaded through bio-sensing fibers.
Ralph Lauren Polotech shirt, $295,


Better Bra
Coming in spring 2016, this bra will measure breathing rates and calories burned.
OM Signal, $149 (for kit),


Smart Sock
Download the Virtual Coach app and these socks will tell you how far you run and
critique your form.
Sensoria, Fitness Running System, $199 (for kit),

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