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How To Find Relief For Fall Allergies


Up to 20 percent of Americans are allergic to ragweed, which is in the air right now, and can last through October. ENT fall allergies can cause sneezing, sniffling, watery and itchy eyes. Additionally, allergies can make you feel lethargic, making it tough to exercise, go to work and spend time outdoors. Many people might not even realize that they are suffering from allergies as the symptoms are often similar to a long-lasting cold. Others have tried medications, visited doctors and have even changed their lifestyles, but continue to suffer.

Allergy Vials

Whether your allergies are seasonal, or you are sensitive to pets, mold, dust-mites, pollen, trees, ragweed and more, relief is possible. One solution is personalized sublingual allergy drops. Unlike medications that only treat symptoms temporarily; this therapy addresses the underlying cause of allergies. Drops are administered in gradually increasing dosages until the patient develops long-term tolerance to the ENTAllergy-causing substance. Over time, allergies can be cured. Administered via a drop under the tongue, allergy drops are a great treatment plan for kids and busy parents. ENTAllergy drops are also recommended for asthmatic patients.

Image of Dr. Michelle Leonard
Dr. Michelle Leonard, Director of CT ENT Allergy 

Take care of yourself by finding an allergy treatment that works. CT ENT offers a consultation, allergy test and complete treatment plan during one 90 minute appointment.

**Grand Opening CT ENT Stamford**

We are excited to bring our expertise to 1290 Summer Street in Stamford beginning this November. Or, visit our Norwalk office at 761 Main Street (across from Walmart).

Booking appointments now for a full range of ENT services:

  • ENT allergy care and personalized allergy drops. No shots! + Holistic healing services combining western medicine with integrative-style therapies such as oils, meditation, Reiki and more.
  • Sinus care and in-office minimally invasive treatment to cure chronic sinusitis.
  • Facial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures including brow and face lifts, fillers/injections and wrinkle smoothing techniques, and rhinoplasty.
  • Modern hearing loss solutions for all ages from testing to hearing aids.
  • Balance and dizziness treatment. CT ENT has Fairfield County’s only fully-equipped vestibular testing lab affiliated with the American Institute of Balance.

Learn more about how CT ENT can help you by visiting Book an appointment with one of our experts today by calling 203.716.6008.

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