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Must-Know Golf Tips

Up your golf game this summer with these tips from Colin Igoe, PGA professional and director of golf at The Summit Club at Armonk, a just-opened, Rees Jones-designed course in Armonk, NY:

FOR NEW PLAYERS: Start small. “Really I should say, short, as in short game,” says Igoe. “There is no need for new golfers to start on the tee box, 400 yards away from their four-inch target. Go to 100 yards or shorter, tee a ball up and play in from there. If you aren’t on the green in six strokes, drop the ball on the green and hole it out.” 

FOR SEASONED PLAYERS: Choose the right tee. “I feel the most important factor is distance,” says Igoe. “As a general guideline, if your tee shot is under 150 yards, play from the Forward Tees, 151-200 next tee up.” 

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