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MYXfitness is Redefining At-Home Workouts

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This Greenwich, CT-based company is making major strides in the world of personal fitness.

When MYXfitness launched its at-home workout program in January of this year the formula was simple: The founders set out to provide an affordable home fitness option that offers a variety of continually evolving streamed bike and cross training workouts with all the necessary equipment, plus, the added bonus of personalized heart rate monitoring. It provided an alternative for fans of Peloton who didn’t like the ultra-competitive nature of the leaderboard and live classes or the premium price tag. But when the current Covid-19 pandemic hit in early March, MYX’s founders realized they were entering the personal fitness market at a key pivot point in an industry undergoing dramatic change. By July of this year, MYX had grown nearly 400 percent faster than the company’s annual projections and the brand has discovered it can provide so much more than an at-home workout. It can provide a total fitness and wellness solution at an accessible price.

“We believe changes will be secular in the fitness business,” says Jim Walker, board member, company investor and CEO of Palm Ventures, the founding firm of MYXfitness, which is growing its investor community as well. Retired from the hedge fund industry, Walker started climbing mountains, literally, throughout the world. Delving into the world of fitness and recovery lead him to his next career and his role with MYX. “I’ve been passionate about fitness my whole life,” says Walker, a member at high end gyms and a Peloton customer before discovering MYX. “Passions can make for challenging investments but the world changed with the Covid-19 pandemic MYXfitness offers a comprehensive wellness program in the convenience of your home at a substantial savings to traditional gyms. Our most popular workouts are 20 minutes.” The fitness company is building its team and recently added Elizabeth Mulligan, an experienced industry leader, as a senior member of its management team.

Starting at $1,299, MYX cycling machines come at nearly half the cost of a Peloton, and monthly memberships for the non-competitive streamed workouts are less expensive. But saving on cost doesn’t mean lowering standards. “The content is really a high-quality, total body approach and our smart technology guides you on what you should do to drive personal results,” says Herbie Calves, president of MYXfitness. The bikes themselves are commercial-grade and suited for even the top gyms. In fact, the company hopes to begin building partnerships with hotels, luxury apartments and corporations in the near future. It features a 21.5-inch touch screen that swivels a full 360 degrees for off-the-bike workouts. Unlike the competition, when members ride with MYX they are not competing against other riders and striving to make the top of the leaderboard. Workouts, filmed with professional fitness coaches, are based on customized heart rate zones to maximize the effectiveness of each person’s workout on a very personal level. The program determines your personal heart rate zones (zone 1 is warm-up, zone 2 is where you do most of your work, zone 3 is when your rate is elevated). “Our coaches guide you in every workout on where you need to be to get the results you want,” says Erika Shannon-Hathaway, head of programming at MYX.

Heart rate-based training sets MYX apart from other at-home fitness programs says coach Shaun Patrick Tubbs. “By having a specific, but unique, metric like heart rate to follow, you can more accurately track and set goals for each and every workout,” says Tubbs, who was drawn to the program by the brand’s use of positive psychology as part of their workout philosophy. He loves that MYX wants instructors to be themselves and coach in their own unique and authentic way rather than fitting a brand. This diversification contributes to the company’s overall depth of programming. “There really is something for everyone,” says Tubbs.

Sessions range from 5 to 45 minutes. Many members like to combine shorter workouts for a longer fitness program. Classes include cycling, yoga, Pilates, barre, meditation, HIIT, strength, stretching and recovery.

For those who don’t own weights, the MYX Plus package includes a six-piece weight set (choose from light, medium or heavy), which includes a kettlebell, three sets of dumbbells, a stabilizing mat, an oversized exercise mat, a foam roller and a resistance band.

For those new to fitness or new to home fitness, Shannon-Hathaway recommends starting with 10-minute intervals and extending them as you get stronger and build endurance.

“We believe that cross training is key for lasting change and we programmatically encourage our users to ‘MYX it up’ with a variety of workout types to keep things interesting and to avoid overuse injuries,” she says. To that end, MYX aims to continue building its comprehensive library of content and programs.

“We are relentlessly looking at adding content: Innovative coaches, smarter products, building the MYX community,” says Calves. Expect more programming in 2021 and a growing member community. He adds: “There is lots of opportunity to share ideas on fitness and nutrition as well as other components of a full mind-body approach to a healthy lifestyle.”

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