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Scenes of the Season


Professional photographers are just like us: over the holidays, they are inspired to preserve memories by snapping pictures of everything from loved ones (human and furry) to sweet treats to snow-white landscapes. Here are some cherished ones from our favorite photographers.

Bruce Plotkin: “Every Christmas Day my wife, Liz, makes her very amazing sour cream coffee cake…everyone’s favorite. It would be the dogs’ favorite as well, if we let them any closer to it than this.”
Joe Schmelzer: “My boyfriend, Nick, in Palm Springs in 2012, doing his favorite activity (while on vacation or not): sleeping.”
Jane Beiles: “An Iconic New England white church and steeple in a snowy landscape. I love the tiny scale of this historical building in Talmadge Hill near my home—perfect and made more so with a fresh dusting of snow on a blue-sky morning.”
Sara Luckey: “My rescue kitty, Sea Salt, wearing her holiday hat! There was no Photoshop involved in getting the hat on the cat—just a sleepy kitty and a helpful husband!”
Nicholas Maggio: “My nephew about 10 years ago on my first digital camera, my new iPhone. He had opened a gift from my parents, an astronaut costume, and I took him outside real quick in the freezing front yard and took this picture to try out the new camera.”




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Jane S. Meiser




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