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The 4 Best Hybrid Workouts

We’ve all heard the benefits of mixing up your exercise routine through cross-training, from preventing burnout and injuries to maximizing results. These workouts make it easier than ever.


Jump, Pump and Jab
BodyWise by Betty, Stamford, CT

Jump, Pump and Jab combines re-
bounding (aka mini-trampoline aerobics) with weight training and boxing. Benefits include toning, aerobic conditioning—and the side effect of feeling like a kid again. This women-only studio also has a Box-n-Burn class combining barre, boxing, Pilates and core work, and a Bodywise Body Pump class that melds step, body bar, barbells and stability ball work. The class fee is $16 for walk-ins (with a discount for signing up for a six-week session),

Walk and Talk
Hybrid Fitness CT, Fairfield County and Northern Westchester
This unique personal training duo—Jodi Costenbader and Lisa Leibowitz are both licensed psychotherapists and certified personal trainers—treat mind and body in their walk and talk training sessions. “Our belief is that when we feel better emotionally we make better fitness decisions, and when we exercise we are better equipped to deal with life’s stressors,” says Costenbader. Personal training sessions may be held at 
a client’s home or on nearby hiking trails. They specialize in weight loss, emotional eating, anxiety, depression and stress management issues. The cost is $125 per 75-minute session, with a free consultation and $25 for the first session

Cardio Tennis
Rye Racquet Club, Harrison, NY
Cardio Tennis is kind of like those tennis birthday parties you went to as a kid. “At our biggest class, on Fridays at 
1 p.m., we have five courts going with a pro on each court, plus a sixth pro with a microphone as an ‘MC’,” says tennis professional Carolyn Cruz. For more advanced players, there’s a High-Intensity Cardio Tennis class with faster-paced shots. The Rye Racquet club is also running periodic tennis-focused training sessions with Equinox in Mamaroneck, NY, held at the club with Equinox trainers. Cardio Tennis is $350 for a 14-week session ($35 to sub in for one class; space is limited) with a free trial class offered,

Cardio to the Core
Sportsplex Health Club, Stamford, CT
This low-impact cardio and toning 
class combines weight training, barre and Pilates with bursts of cardio, and is designed for people of any fitness level (you can increase the intensity 
by adding heavier weights). “Every major muscle group will be worked, with an emphasis on the core,” says Membership Director Paula Andrews of the popular class, taught by Sportsplex’s Group Exercise Director Noelle Manginelli. Call Paula at 203-358-0066 for a free day pass to the gym and to try Cardio to the Core, Tuesdays at 9 a.m., Thursdays at 
9:45 a.m.,

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