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‘Tis the Season for Whole Health

ENT Allergy Specialist and Holistic Wellness doctor, Dr. Michelle Leonard, APRN, has traveled across the globe to study how holistic practices work in tandem with the best of Western medicine. During a recent trip to New Zealand she worked with the Maori people of Aotearoa to better understand how their spirituality is tied to their well-being. Dr. Leonard gives tips to assist in stress management during the busy holiday season.

What is your advice to patients during the holidays?

Pay attention to your body and your spirit. This is the season for mold and dust allergies, sinus infections and even reflux, which we see a lot of as an ear, nose and throat practice. These illnesses can cause people severe distress. Compound that with a house full of people at the holidays and it is no wonder that stress levels rise. Plan ahead as much as you can by scheduling wellness visits prior to the holidays. Drink plenty of water and ask your doctor about gut health. Seventy to 80 percent of our immune system is located in our gut. Many people don’t think of their gut as a defense system for their body, but common invaders enter the body through what we eat or drink.

What do you recommend patients can to do help de-stress during this time of year?

Holistic medicine is not about abandoning all conventional medicine or science; it is part of your overall care. It can provide you with healing and relief for your body and mind. Methods include the use of DoTerra essential oils, guided and inner child meditation, sound bowl healing, Reiki and breath work to assist in stress management and inner peace.

What treatments and services do you offer at CT ENT?

People come to our office for sinus and allergies symptoms —they may be recommended for an allergy test, sinus CT scan or an inner child meditation and essential oils. Recommendations are based on each individual- what resonates with their healthcare intentions and goals. There is not one right answer.We address the mind, body and soul of each person. We will also be offering group meditations and talks based on community needs and desires. Find what works for you and make it a priority, not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.

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