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How to Make Your Hands Healthier


You’ve got your always-important hand washing routine down pat, but “soap, hot water, and hand sanitizers strip the protective barrier of our skin that is responsible for retaining moisture, leading to dryness and, in some cases, inflammation,” explains Amanda Clabaugh, Treatments Manager at The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, PA.

To help keep your hands soft and healthy, Clabaugh recommends applying a moisturizer right after you wash or sanitize—and to wear gloves if you’re doing activities like cleaning or yard work. For moisturizers, she likes those that contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids, like olive oil or chia seed oil, as well as hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture. “We love Naturopathica’s Lemon Verbena Omega-3 Hand Cream for its powerful ingredients, as well as its beautifully uplifting citrus scent,” she says. Exfoliate hands once or twice a week—without overdoing it, she advises. “Choose an exfoliant that contains jojoba beads or oats as the key ingredient, as they are hydrating and gentle.”

Clabaugh’s DIY Version

1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon honey
½ cup sugar
3 tablespoons warmed coconut oil
½ lemon, squeezed

Mix all ingredients together and apply to clean hands and feet.  Rinse with warm water.

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