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Designer Amy Aidinis Hirsch Says Trends Come and Go, but a Home You Love is Timeless

For nearly two decades, Amy Aidinis Hirsch has been helping clients find their voice through thoughtfully designed décor solutions across the country.  Her eponymously named Greenwich, CT, design firm handles every phase of your project, from the creative sparks to construction to finishing details. She shares with Serendipity her design philosophy and how it is realized through each project.

Tell us about your company’s philosophy and how it is reflected in a recent project. 

Our ethos at Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design is to reflect the spirit of the Client.  First and foremost: Who lives here! We aim for approachability, quality, and longevity mixed with something unexpected. We are always respectful of the architecture of the spaces and the foundation for interior design. We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of our spaces without losing site of daily life.

What is the first discussion you like to have with a new client? 

I always like to ask, ‘What is the spirit of your home?’ Our body of work truly represents the client, never are two projects similar or will ever look alike. This is something I pride myself on. Our questionnaire upon our initial meeting with clients is a critical tool as we engage in our design journey. A project cannot move forward without the client’s answering this.

Color and pattern allow a homeowner to give their home a personality all its own but how do you incorporate these things to keep a design fresh and current without having it go out of style too quickly? 

It’s important to understand who the client is. If a client has a closet full of fun patterns and colors, then game on for the insertion of different patterns in textiles or wallpapers. If a client has a closet full of Brunello Cucinelli, nine times out of 10, pattern is not going to be present, but beautiful alpaca or cashmere play more prominently. It’s also the application of these patterns or textures and the use. If you smother a larger expanse with a crazy pattern this might not carry the longevity compared to putting the pattern on a ceiling. You are not overly stimulated by a pattern if it’s not as direct.

What space in the home is having the biggest “Ah ha!” moment right now, and why do you think that is?  

I’m loving any outdoor space, given we are in my favorite season in New England—summer! I can’t express how much I love our pool house. It’s the best thing we ever did. It feels like a destination with resort vibes; and it is small but mighty!

Challenges arise with every project. How do you navigate the ins and outs and keep every project, no matter the size, running smoothly? 

We welcome design challenges as this allows us to grow as a firm and develop and hone our skills. Every project is a challenge in a very good way, as you have to navigate the client’s preference, budget, integration of design versus architecture, timeline and personalities. Most of our challenges lie within the logistics of particular products, vendors and shipping; this, honestly, is the most laborious.


Amy Aidinis Hirsch
77 North Water Street
Greenwich, CT. 06830

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